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Ok, I got it
The assembly of the armor

Page 03
The snap-buttons for the lower torso were glued down next to the edge of the part that protects the unmentionables.
And there you have it, the snap-buttons are now attached to the lower torso and should theoretically withstand the weight of the thighs.
Since I had some more straps that were supplied in the kit, I chose to use them to hold the thighs up.
Even though the straps allready had velcro sewn onto them, I still wanted to use snap buttons to hold the thighs in place, so there you go.
Seeing as I have long legs, mounting the thighs close to the lower torso would result in a large gap between the shins and the thighs at my knees, so I had to mount them some distance away from it to get about the same amount of gap between the shins and the thighs as between the thighs and the lower torso.
Now add one helmet, a jumpsuit, a pair of gloves and a pair of boots, and you have yourself a Stormtrooper.

TK-1823, ready for action.
Here is another view of my armor from the side.
Here is a video showing my Stormtrooper costume and all its different parts.
At last my Stormtrooper armor is finished and I can finally eat and sleep again. This costume is something I had never dreamt of having, but after a sudden interest after having played the "Dark Forces" game series for countless hours, I knew I just had to get one. I am very pleased with the armor and how it looks with the "Authentic Props" helmet, and the canvas belt with the screen accurate holster really improved the look of it aswell.
I hope this tutorial was of any help to you. Please feel free to use any ideas used in this tutorial, and good luck assembling your own Stormtrooper armor.

Project details:

Armor version - Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope.

Building time - [Figuring out].

Costs spent - [Figuring out].

Accidents - Poked my finger and bled all over my thermal detonator.

Thanks to:

The "FX" guys for having made this great armor.

"Deckard" for selling me the kit for such a good price.

"Firebladejedi" for having made such a great canvas belt.

"TK-8280" for having made such a great holster.

Dave for having made his great videos on how to assemble an FX kit.

And all of you who have helped me becoming a Stormtrooper.
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